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News articles for Bibb County, Alabama [Zip/Area Codes]
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AL Update | Alabama Update
Kohl's to locate facility in south Bibb expected to announce Thursday it is building a distribution center in south Bibb County that could employ up to 300 workers, sources close to the deal said ...
Dec 17, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

South Bibb residents fear zoning plans meant to protect Robins
Like a couple hundred other families in south Bibb County, the Parkers are dealing with uncertainty as county leaders weigh what to do with this land north of ...
Dec 16, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

City-county mergers find mixed results
ATLANTA - As Macon Mayor Jack Ellis prepares to push his plan to consolidate city and Bibb County governments, lawmakers and political observers in Georgia's ...
Dec 14, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

Ellis to seek consolidation
Ellis, the first Macon mayor in 20 years to win re-election, called on the City Council and Bibb County Commission to support consolidation. ...
Dec 10, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

Sheriffs' program helps find missing children
Lt. David Davis of the Bibb County Sheriff's Office said many sheriffs are opting out until they learn more about the financial commitment involved. ...
Dec 12, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

Macon firefighters, police defend city's incentive package
Criticism of the current plan by council members, though, isn't sitting too well with the Macon-Bibb County Firefighters Association or the local Fraternal ...
Dec 3, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

Midstate counties slated for bad-air list
WARNER ROBINS - The US Environmental Protection Agency announced Thursday that it plans to add Houston and Monroe counties to Bibb County in an air pollution ...
Dec 5, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

Holidays not much help for Ga. tax revenues
...sales tax of 7 percent. In Bibb County, only the school board has a SPLOST so the sales tax is only 6 percent. And because sales tax ...
Dec 14, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

Bachus announces storm shelter grant for heart of state
Counties receiving assistance include: Bibb County -$11,269, Chilton County - $16,339, Coosa County-$8,660,Jefferson/Shelby Counties- $340,918, St. ...
Dec 11, 2003  (Clanton Advertiser, AL)

Murder trial ends in mistrial
The murder trial of a man accused of killing a man at a Bibb County pool hall ended in mistrial Friday, sending the case back to court in the coming months. ...
Dec 6, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

Where has all the HOPE gone
Watts lives in a Bibb County ZIP code that's one of the poorest in the state, and has received relatively few dollars back from the state as HOPE Scholarships. ...
Dec 14, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

Bibb school leaders say funding increase crucial
Unless the state economy improves drastically during the next five years, a sharp increase in funding from the Bibb County Commission is needed to keep schools ...
Dec 9, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

Bibb commission moves toward severing ties with school board
The General Assembly can make the change by simply voting it in or by asking Bibb County voters to approve the change via a referendum, but state leaders have ...
Dec 10, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

Flu-shot makers out of vaccine
Betty Ethridge, nurse supervisor at the Macon-Bibb County Health Department, said the public health clinic received a shipment yesterday of 1,000 doses of ...
Dec 6, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

News of shot shortages, outbreaks rousing many Middle Georgians ...
It just so happens that at the Macon-Bibb County Health Department, the shots are administered in the children's immunization wing. ...
Dec 9, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

Midstate park plan gains support
Bibb County leaders have been trying to enact new residential building restrictions in southern Bibb to help protect the base from the 2005 round of base ...
Nov 27, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

Former Macon judge pleads no contest to theft
Willis was given a suspended yearlong probation sentence in Bibb County Superior Court the same day he was scheduled to stand trial on the charge, Macon ...
Dec 2, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

Houston dropout rate adjusted
...year. In Bibb County, the first numbers reported Monday were 5.9 percent last year, up from 3.9 percent the previous year. Tuesday ...
Dec 3, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

SPLOST deadline looms
31, Macon-Bibb County Elections Supervisor Elaine Carr said Tuesday. The ballot must list projects that will be funded by the sales tax. ...
Dec 10, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

S. Bibb restrictive zoning amendment withdrawn for now
By Linda S. Morris. The zoning amendment that upset so many south Bibb County residents is off the table for now. Macon-Bibb County ...
Nov 25, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

Roadside memorials spark controversy across nation
Joyce Hearns say they see nothing controversial about cutting the grass or placing flowers at three wooden crosses they tend beside Alabama 25 in Bibb County. ...
Nov 26, 2003  (, AL)

'The ultimate reward': Some students working to fulfill their end ...
The stranger was 100 Black Men of Macon & Middle Georgia president and Bibb County attorney Virgil Adams, and what he was talking about had brought parents and ...
Dec 7, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

Olmstead recall now dead
By Travis Fain. The process of removing Bibb County Commission Chairman Tommy Olmstead from office through a recall is dead, for now. ...
Nov 26, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

Macon officials question incentive pay plan plan, which began in 1980, is designed to supplement an employee's salary and to compete with other higher-paying public safety agencies, Macon-Bibb County ...
Dec 1, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

Macon council officials jockeying for three positions of power
The council president also serves on the Macon-Bibb County Road Improvement Executive Committee, a group of elected officials who determine how sales tax ...
Dec 7, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

Lady Bulldogs, Panthers, Warriors sinking baskets
Montevallo is slated for two key area games this week, hosting Dallas County on Tuesday before traveling to Bibb County on Friday. ...
Dec 9, 2003  (Shelby County Reporter, AL)

Man pleads guilty to sexual abuse charge
They asked if we could begin the date of incarceration in April.". Day has been in a Bibb County federal penitentiary since his arrest in April. ...
Dec 9, 2003  (Selma Times-Journal, AL)

Bibb re-signs firm for roads program
The private engineering firm managing Bibb County's roads program signed on for another year Tuesday, ensuring payments to Moreland Altobelli Associates Inc. ...
Nov 26, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

Chilton County BOE under audit
It should be here for up to eight more weeks. After their time in Chilton County, the auditors will move on to the Bibb County School system.
Nov 26, 2003  (Clanton Advertiser, AL)

School program stresses virtues like honesty, respect
By Khalil Abdullah. This time next year, Bibb County students may be a little more responsible, have more perseverance and show more kindness. ...
Nov 24, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

Something about Mary
We'll miss you, Mary, and wish you much luck with your new job. • "Mary took over from where John Drew Smith had built the Macon/Bibb County tennis program ...
Nov 30, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

Midstate seniors worry that changes will hurt more than help
The new Medicare prescription-drug bill passed Monday drew little support from those who hung around the Macon-Bibb County Senior Citizens Center playing ...
Nov 26, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

Teams' season stats, margin of victory, mirror each other
The Tigers faced a total of seven teams this season that had losing records, which included Sumter County (1-8), Bibb County (1-9), Choctaw County (5-6), Holt ...
Nov 28, 2003  (Demopolis Times, AL)

Teachers' well-earned bonus add to shortfall
Tandi Pressley, a veteran teacher who now works for Bibb County's school system, has no doubt the process makes for better teachers. ...
Dec 2, 2003  (Atlanta Journal Constitution, GA)

Former crematory operator seeks ‘secret’ evidence
The Medical Center of Central Georgia says in the lawsuit filed in Bibb County Superior Court that the city should pay the medical bills of people police have ...
Nov 28, 2003  (Gwinnett Daily Post, GA)

Medical Center sues Macon for $137000 in unpaid medical bills
The Medical Center's lawsuit, filed in Bibb County Superior Court on Nov. 20, names the city, Mayor Jack Ellis and Police Chief Rodney Monroe. ...
Nov 27, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

Azinger-designed course planned in Perry
The last course built in Macon was Oakview Golf & Country Club in south Bibb County, which opened its full 18 holes in the spring of 2000. ...
Nov 30, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

...• Brown's Mount Hikes: Day (10 am) and night (8 pm) hikes are held once a month at the site just north of Bond Swamp in eastern Bibb County. ...
Nov 30, 2003  (Macon Telegraph, GA)

Hospital accuses city of Macon of not paying bills; sues
The Medical Center of Central Georgia says in the lawsuit filed in Bibb County Superior Court that the city should pay the medical bills of people police have ...
Nov 27, 2003  (Access North Georgia, GA)

Alabama Area Codes:
205 AL Central Time Zone Central Alabama (including Birmingham; excludes the southeastern corner of Alabama and the deep south; see splits 256 and 334)
251 AL Central Time Zone S Alabama: Mobile and coastal areas, Jackson, Evergreen, Monroeville (split from 334, eff 6/18/01; see also 205, 256)
256 AL Central Time Zone E and N Alabama (Huntsville, Florence, Gadsden; split from 205; see also 334)
334 AL Central Time Zone S Alabama: Auburn/Opelika, Montgomery and coastal areas (part of what used to be 205; see also 256, split 251)

Bibb County Zip Codes: 21,838 [July 1, 2002 Population Estimate]

Alabama Population Statistics: Alabama Population Statistics


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